Project Consortiums and Partnership Investments

IPLC and national local-loop circuits


Ethernet-over-OTN: 10GbE (WAN PHY & LAN PHY), 100GbE

OTN: ODU-1 (2.5Gbps), ODU-2 (10Gbps) & ODU-4 (100Gbps) optical channels

SDH & SONET: STM-16/OC-48 (2.5Gbps), STM-64/OC-192 (10Gbps)

Metro-Ethernet: E-LINE with 10GbE & 100GbE interfaces, CIR down to 1Gbps


IRU (Indefeasible Right of Use)

Long term lease and lease to buy

Project consortiums and partnership investments


Integrated network solutions and last mile engineering

Data centre hosting

Other services by request